Brazil Rainforest Farms

The first unit of the group and of its possession since 1890, has 210 hectares of extension, As well as it houses the extension of 1.2 km of a natural component, forming 3 lakes where sport fishing is practiced. It was one of the farms that helped in the strengthening the regional economy of the State of Amazonas.



In front of the largest navigable lake in the world, there are 8 hexagonal structures of special steel, dedicated to the creation of 720,000 salmonid units in a 20,000 m² concession on Lake Titicaca. There is a height of 3,876 meters in relation to the level of the sea, this located in the department of Puno, in the province of Chucuito, in the center of the village of Sihuayro, there is a structure of 250m² where the commercial headquarters of this farm is, offered annually. 1,080,000 kg to regional consumers.


For this, we developed our biodiversity user brand (bioUSA), where our employees, whether client or producer, which we call biousers, can access a private green database, accessing georeferencing information for our cultivars, green areas of permanent preservation, our contribution to carbon sequestration and traceability of our food to your table.

CO² absorbed in payments for forestry services  (PSA) , VCS certified, ABNT NBR ISO 14063.

7,952,600 Ton / CO² 2018

17,200,600 Ton / CO²  2019

77,000,000 Ton / CO² 2020

Preserved Green Area

152,000,000 m² (15,200 ha) of primary forest

Number of environmental neutralizations per person

3,614,818 number of Brazilians per year

Harvesting Wheat